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Kroma - Fish Gutting and Filleting Machines

Kroma supplies gutting and filleting machines globally, and is well-known for designing and producing machines for processing fish. We can deliver standalone machines as well as complete turnkey projects with all the necessary machines and installations for a successful fish production.

Kroma has been working on machines for the fish industry ever since 1973 when the first Ravnstrup gutting machine was developed.In 1987 Kroma purchased all rights concerning the sale and production of the Ravnstrup machine.

Kroma works within the fish industry, where their gutting and filleting machines are sold throughout the world. Kroma are known for designing and producing machines for primary processing of fish, especially high-quality gutting and filleting machines. Kroma can deliver stand-alone machines or a complete turnkey project, with all the necessary machines and installations for a successful fish production.

Different types of fish can be processed, including trout, salmon, mackerel, seabream, seabass, tilapia, carp, etc.

Fish gutting systems

Over the years more than 150 Ravnstrup machines were built however in more recent times manufacturers have switched to the more popular GUTMASTER 1200

The GUTMASTER 1200 is renowned for high capacity, flexibility in fish size and machine stability. The GUTMASTER 1200 is designed to fit each and every fish species.

As well as the Gutmaster 1200 Kroma also manufacture and produce the:

All the Kroma machines are electronically controlled; the GUTMASTER 1200 and other models measure all the fish that are processed through the machine. Depending on the measurement, the knives will be adjusted to the actual fish size. This close accuracy and minimum waste clearly produces better processing results.

Head cutting and filleting machines for fish processing

Kroma's Headmaster offers the perfect way for de-heading fish your fish. By using a U cut, you will be sure to get the best possible outcome of the fish.

Kroma's Filetmaster 180 ensures precision, high capacity and maximum quality. The machine is built in a way so it is easy to adjust and service. The Filetmaster 180 can filet fish into either single fillet or butterfly fillet.

Kroma quotes "We believe that the Kroma filleting machine is the closest equivalent you can find to a Rolex in fish filleting."

As well as gutting and fileting machinery, Kroma also manufacture:

  • Grindmaster - can sharpen both circular and standard knives, which makes it a perfect all-round grinder.
  • Visiomaster - has many different applications and can be used for many purposes including checking gutted fish.
  • Washmaster - can be used for initial washing, rinsing during production or final washing before packaging.
  • Mixing
  • In-feed systems - If you have any demand for your in-feed system Kroma can design it to your fulfill your need.
  • Conveyor systems - the Kroma conveyor belt is characterised by its simple design, easy cleaning and competative price.
  • Washing conveyor
  • Roe Handling - sieves are available with the desired hole size depending on which type of roe you work with.
  • Shrink Tunnel - The tunnel can be combined with different packaging machines.

Waste management

One of the challenges that Kroma are tackling is waste management. With waste management in place and waste kept to a minimum it guarantees a good production flow and also ensures excellent food quality.

Kroma have been using vacuum for this purpose since the first gutting machine was developed and they can create an installation to meet your needs. They have developed some standard installations that fit our other machines.


Kroma supplies turnkey solutions with all the equipment in a fish processing facility. The systems are designed together with their suppliers so they can meet the requirement from not only their customers but also from the authorities who are going to approve the facility for HACCP certification and other kind of certifications.

Owing to the intricasy of the Kroma machines, the demand for fast and reliable service is always needed. Kroma continuously train their technicians to ensure that they are updated with the latest information about both machines and processes.